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What matters more than your family?  With three decades of experience litigating in the family law field, we understand the legal, financial and emotional complexities that come into play.

When you need representation in a divorce or parental responsibilities case, you cannot settle for less than a skilled attorney with the experience of  hundreds of unique cases. We apply the tools and techniques available in a particular case to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.  

Based in Greenwood Village, we provide legal services throughout the Front Range of Colorado and Northeast Colorado including Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Parker, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden, Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder, Brighton,  Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Ft. Morgan, Sterling, and Yuma.


We know how emotionally strenuous and difficult divorce can be. We are here to lessen that burden.

We  are experienced in both routine and complex family law matters  and will  advocate for you while helping  navigate   what is often a challenging  processall  while  seeking  a fair and just resolution.


As a parent, when you and the other parent split, it is important  to have set in place a plan for parenting time and a plan for how decisions will be made for your children.   We work to establish or amend parenting plans in the best interest and emotional and physical security of your children.

step parent ADOPTION

We assist you as you undergo this life altering process for both you and your child.

A stepparent adoption essentially legalizes and formalizes a parent and child relationship that already emotionally and functionally exists.


We also provide mediation services to those working cooperatively to create resolution through the mediation process. 

A mediator does not act as your attorney, however a family law attorney acting as a mediator uses his/her practical experience and legal knowledge to mediate comprehensive, detailed and workable agreements.    The mediation process can significantly reduce the time and cost of divorce and allows the parties to craft agreements that work in their specific circumstances.

Alice and her team are incredible! I highly recommend them for any and all family law issues.

Especially if you are a father and your rights have been challenged or infringed upon!

Alice is kind and understanding, she gets to know her clients for who they are as people, you will never go wrong by retaining her as your attorney. I appreciate her for everything she and her team have done for me and my family!

- Sheila

Working with Alice to resolve one of the most challenging times of my life was most definitely the right decision.

You don't know what you don't know- and that becomes much more apparent in these life-altering moments where you aren't sure what your options are, and how to navigate the legal system- especially concerning family matters.

When you're going through something that requires legal intervention and your family life, it's a huge help to have Alice in your corner.

- Robert

  • In Colorado,  marital property is equitably distributed between the parties.  

  • Marital property is property acquired during the marriage, as well as the increase in value of property acquired during the marriage, unless the property was acquired by gift  or inheritance.
  • We employ techniques to help you preserve the value of the assets you've built   and limit the tax consequences  of allocating those assets.  

  • Retirement accounts acquired during the marriage are property to be allocated in divorce.  It is important  to understand the  long term implications  of distributing pensions, IRA’s and other retirement or tax deferred accounts.   

  • There are a number of factors the Court considers to determine an appropriate parenting time plan and to allocate decision making.  C.R.S. § 14-10-124  lists the best interest factors.

  • Parenting Plans are created at the time of divorce, or through an allocation of parental responsibilities case if the parent are not married, or through a paternity action. The parenting plan can also be modified as the children become older or other life circumstances change.

  • Child support guidelines vary from state to state.    Some of the factors considered in Colorado include the income of each party,  number of overnights each parent has with the child,   the cost of work related and education related day care,  the cost of health insurance premiums for the child and the amount of child support paid for other children of each party.
  • Colorado child support guidelines are contained in C.R.S.  § 14-10-115.    
  • The Court considers a number of factors in determining whether to award spousal maintenance (“alimony”), and if so, in what amount and what duration.

  • The Colorado legislature has created suggested amounts and length of spousal maintenance, but the Court is not required to follow the suggestions.       The Court is required to consider all the relevant factors, such as the income of each party (or ability to earn income), the health, age and education of each party, and the length of the marriage.  

  • In Colorado,  under certain circumstances grandparents and great-grandparents can be permitted visitation rights.    In other limited circumstances,  grandparents may be allocated parental responsibilities, for example, where grandparents have been acting in a parental role.    
  • Please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your specific circumstances and whether you may qualify for Court ordered visitation or custody.



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